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Cotswold Plant Hire & Surfacing Specialists

Henson Plant Hire have over 30 years’ experience in delivering and executing of plant and construction equipment in Evesham and surrounding areas of Worcestershire, South Warwickshire, North Gloucestershire and the Cotswold. Covering all types and ranges of project; everything from a small JCB to a large scale plant hire.

We want to serve as many people in the community as we can, having a large range of equipment at one time allows us to make sure you have the right piece of equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Even if you’re not feeling up to the task we are on hand and one of our trained professionals will come and carry out the work for you.

We understand and commit to our environmental responsibility. We strive to help reduce our carbon footprint in any way we can. With this in mind we regularly service and maintain our machines and equipment, to ensure they are working within the manufacturer's specification and keeping emissions to a minimum. We are also constantly implementing more environmentally friendly machines into our inventory to maximize our environmental efforts.



When deciding what size machine you need there are a few factors that you should take into account. Location access, budget and Job specifications. If you are working in a hard to reach area, such as at the back of a property. You need to make sure that the machine can fit through the access available. It’s important to also think about your overhead clearance, this is often overlooked. Micro Diggers and Skip Load Dumpers come with a folding ROPS Bar, so height is less of an issue.

Another area to consider the dig depth. All of our diggers have a dig depth, so be sure to check the specifications before you book.

Budget is often the most thought about consideration. We want to make sure you get the right equipment to complete your project quickly, efficiently and within your budget. We advise you to double check before making any hire decisions and we are always here to offer our professional advice.


All mini excavators come with 4 buckets. 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and a ditching bucket. Different buckets and attachments are available on request. All our mini excavators have rubber tracks and a dozer blade. 

When machines are delivered to site a short demonstration of the controls and how to change a bucket can be given by our experienced delivery driver. Please request this at time of booking. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused while operating the machine, if you are unsure, we can supply a CPCS/CITB operator with any machine. Please call for more information. 

Before you start digging in the ground it is necessary to know where your underground services are. Eg. Gas, Electric, Water, Telephone. Do not use the excavator to dig directly above these services. If they are pulled up during excavation you could be held liable for repair charges and consequential costs. 

You will also need to check for overhead cables. Do not use the excavator beneath overhead electric cables unless there is adequate clearance with the boom in its highest position. If you are unsure, we will be happy to make a site visit and advise accordingly. 

It is advised to wear personal protective equipment as conditions determine. A hard hat and boots with steel toecaps are usually necessary. Wear a dust mask in dusty conditions. 

Make sure that you have the correct planning permission in place if required. If you are unsure contact your local council. 


All of our machines can be collected or delivered.

If you would like to know how much delivery is going to cost, please call the hire desk on 01386 422 411.


There are several ways that you can dispose of your soil. Tipper lorries or skips can be used to take the spoil off site.  For advice, please call the hire desk on 01386 422 411. 


Drainage:If you are laying an area of hard standing where will the water run? Is your drainage adequate?

Soil bulking:When excavated soil bulks up to twice its size. (1cu.m in the ground = 2cu.m in the skip)

Signing and Coning:Will you be near to the public highway. If so, you may need to seek advice on any signs and cones required under current legislation.

Barriers:You will need to barrier off deep excavations to prevent falling accidents.

Trench Support:If trenches are excavated then it is likely that they will need support if they are more than 1.2 metres deep.

Environmental Responsibility

We work hard to help protect the environment from the effects of our daily activities

Protecting the environment from the effects of our daily activities is at the very heart of what we do. As an organisation we feel passionate about making sure our activities go as far as possible to protect the public, and beyond that enhance the environment and encourage biodiversity.

Our Sustainability Plan sets out how we are going to achieve this and also explains how we plan to help deliver key government initiatives, A Green Future: 25-Year Plan and Construction 2025. While sustaining a clean growth strategy and supporting our customers green ambitions.

Our sustainability goals drive innovative practices and ways of working. They provide the framework for us to deliver social and environmental benefits. Examples include:


  • Reduce fuel costs.
  • Lower noise levels in built up areas.
  • Cut air pollution.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce time spent completing maintenance tasks.

Protecting water courses from spillages by utilising our huge fleet of machines.

Challenging ourselves to undertake our work as sustainably by training our operators to use their machines more efficiently and by driving the adoption of machine control in support of the ‘site of the future’ and so reducing the overall amount of re-work that impacts our construction projects today.
Actively seek (and invest in) low carbon opportunities such as electric and hybrid vehicles.
As part of this challenge we are setting ourselves ambitious targets to play our part in tackling global sustainability issues. We also remain committed to working with and enhancing the local communities and businesses where we operate and contribute to a better quality of life for future generations.


Environmental, economic and social sustainability is a fundamental part of our businesses' focus on people. Our commitment is to reduce the impacts of the plant and equipment we supply.

To us, operating sustainably means that we strive to resolve the impacts of machinery, not only to safeguard the public and provide peace of mind, but to also protect and restore the environment and stimulate economic growth in the areas to which we operate, leaving the local environment in a better condition than we found it.

Our goals sit within a wider national and global vision. We want to play our part in tackling climate change and supporting the UK as a key signatory to the International Paris Agreement, which is why our sustainability plan includes ambitious goals and targets on limiting our Greenhouse Gas emissions.

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