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Plant Hire and Equipment for Archaeology.

Plant Hire and Equipment for Archaeology.

Henson Plant and Construction Equipment Hire have over 30 years’ experience in plant and equipment hire and hundreds of hours in helping with archaeological digs. Whether we’re excavating trenches or box-grids, we always take care of the ground we are working on, we know how important this is for archaeologists and their work. 

We understand that you will need to know sites archaeological potential, so using our machinery we can help with test pitting. Once you are happy with your dig site, Henson will be on hand to remove material from above the archaeological layers, such as concrete foundations from demolished buildings. We can remove individual layers and prepare flat surfaces ready for you to start your dig!

The types of Archaeological Services we can help you out with:

Highways Earthworks Drainage Infastructure

Here are the types of equipment we would recommend for this work

Here at Henson we understand that after digging more than a couple of metres down, archeologists often need to change their approach.

Do you need a deeper dig?

Archaeologists have a tough job when trying to complete a deeper dig than the average 30cm. It can be hard going depending on the type and structure of the soil. At Henson Plant Equipment Hire we have supported many archeology and local projects and understand the needs of archaeologists and the often, time sensitive and budget sensitive dig projects they need to fulfil.

Let us help lighten the load and get in touch for help with your dig site!

Why Henson for you next project?

Providing solutions to your archaeological requirements, we are more than happy to tailor our services, supplying plant machinery, experienced operators and offering innovative cost-effective solutions. If you are looking to hire the machine with an operator, our expert team are CPSC and CITB accredited, giving you complete peace of mind.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for reliable and efficient contractors. At Henson Plant Hire, you can trust we are company with a reputation for quality and service. Just give our hire desk call and our friendly team will be happy to help you. 

  • Highly experienced

  • Wealth of knowledge
  • Innovative cost-effective solutions
  • Supply our range to major civil works.
  • Environmental impact – care for the groundwork.
  • Work for contractors who require and demand quality.
  • Complete solutions to your civil engineering requirements.
  • Clients who are looking for a competent and reliable contractor.
  • Tailor our services.

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