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The ultimate guide to choosing the right dumper.


14th September 2022

Choosing the right machinery for your project can sometimes be tough, but we have put together a guide to help you decide on the best dumper for the job. Dumpers can be used for a wide variety of jobs from moving spoil to backfilling a trench to carrying heavy objects across the site, below we have listed each dumper and for what it’s best used.

Dumpers and their uses 

500kg & 1000kg tracked barrow 

Where traditional barrows would struggle in rough terrain, this tracked barrow outshines, making the job easier and more efficient. If you need to use a dumper for a project in your back garden or other small access places, these are perfect, they can fit through a standard-sized gate. They are a great fit to use with our range of micro excavators and can be used to transport loads across sites from construction and agriculture to gardens and allotments.

1-ton & 2-ton skip loader 

The skip loader is our most popular choice of dumper, the versatility, and compact design are great options for many projects. With the high lift on these machines, they can easily load directly into standard builders' skip, plus with its folding ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) it can squeeze into most areas so it’s perfect for locations with limited access. Skip loaders provide a fast and convenient method of moving materials to and from the site.

3-ton swivel or straight dumper 

Our 3-ton dumpers are a fantastic addition to any site from landscaping to larger construction. They are perfect for transporting materials or waste around the site, backfilling trenches, and working on hard terrain due to their oscillating front and rear axles. The swivel can go 180 degrees with a 90-degree turn left and right, providing side-on delivery to any load or a straight tip to move some major spoil. These are a good fit to use with our micro excavators.

6-ton dumper 

The 6-ton dumper is a larger version of our 3-ton option, making it an excellent solution for larger sites. With its larger capacity, it can move more, which in turn increases productivity on site. These 6-ton dumpers have been built with contractors and hirers in mind, allowing you to transport bricks, concrete, topsoil, and much more with ease. 

9-ton dumper 

The larger of our dumpers is our 9-ton dumper, this hefty machinery is perfect for the largest of earth-moving jobs. Being fast, dependable, economical, and powerful it’s perfect for the biggest of sites. Plus, with its 4-wheel drive, these machines can and do often go anywhere.

Looking through our selection of dumpers, we hope you will find the right one for your project. A dumper is a versatile piece of equipment and with our wide range on offer, we are sure that you can find the perfect dumper for you.

Dumpers are a terrific addition for all jobs, whether on limited access or on large sites. If you are still unsure of what you require for your project, don’t hesitate to contact our team for some free friendly advice, call us on 01386 422411.


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