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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions most people want to know before hiring our plant hire. If you can’t find what you need please call our hire desk on 01386 422 411 and we will do our best to help.

What size machine do I need?

There are many factors in deciding which machine you require including access, budget and job specifications. If you are working around the back of a property make sure that the machine will fit through the access available. It is important that you measure overhead access as well as machine width. The micro diggers and skip loading dumpers come with a folding ROPS bar as standard, so height is much less of an issue for these machines.

Dig depths and ground conditions are also important. A micro digger cannot dig a 2m deep footing in heavy clay. See individual machines for dig depths. Budget is often a consideration. The smaller a machine is the cheaper the hire rate. If you are unsure of machine type do not hesitate to call the hire desk on 01386 422 411. We can either advise over the phone or make a site visit if required.

Mini Excavator: What size digging buckets will I get?

All mini excavators come with 4 buckets. 300mm, 450mm, 600mm and a ditching bucket. Different buckets and attachments are available on request. All our mini excavators have rubber tracks and a dozer blade.

What instruction will I be given?

When machines are delivered to site a short demonstration of the controls and how to change a bucket can be given by our experienced delivery driver. Please request this at time of booking. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused while operating the machine, if you are unsure we can supply a CPCS/CITB operator with any machine. Please call for more information.

What do I need to know before I excavate?

Before you start digging in the ground it is necessary to know where your underground services are. Eg. Gas, Electric, Water, Telephone. Do not use the excavator to dig directly above these services. If they are pulled up during excavation you could be held liable for repair charges and consequential costs.

You will also need to check for overhead cables. Do not use the excavator beneath overhead electric cables unless there is adequate clearance with the boom in its highest position. If you are unsure we will be happy to make a site visit and advise accordingly.

It is advised to wear personal protective equipment as conditions determine. A hard hat and boots with steel toecaps are usually necessary. Wear a dust mask in dusty conditions.

Make sure that you have the correct planning permission in place if required. If you are unsure contact your local council.

Do I have to collect the machine?

We can deliver all our machines at a very reasonable rate.

If you would like to know how much delivery is going to cost please call the hire desk on 01386 422 411.

How do I get rid of any spoil produced?

There are several ways that you can dispose of your spoil. Tipper lorries or skips can be used to take the spoil off site.

For advice please call the hire desk on 01386 422 411.

What other things should I consider?

Drainage: If you are laying an area of hard standing where will the water run? Is your drainage adequate?

Soil bulking: When excavated soil bulks up to twice its size. (1cu.m in the ground = 2cu.m in the skip)

Signing and Coning: Will you be near to the public highway. If so you may need to seek advice on any signs and cones required under current legislation.

Barriers: You will need to barrier off deep excavations to prevent falling accidents.

Trench Support: If trenches are excavated then it is likely that they will need support if they are more than 1.2 metres deep.

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