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Five Reasons you should use the 13-Ton Excavator for your next project


13th September 2023

In the world of construction, the right equipment can often be a determinant of project success. Among the plethora of machinery available, the 13-ton excavator stands as a paragon of efficiency and versatility. This powerhouse tool, often overlooked, can significantly transform your construction site, making tasks smoother and more efficient. This blog post will illuminate five compelling reasons why the 13-ton excavator should be your go-to choice for your next project. Get ready to discover how this mighty machine can elevate your construction game!

Henson Plant - Who are we?

Henson Plant is a team of independent plant hire experts and full project specialists based in Evesham, with a significant footprint in the wider Cotswolds area. We pride ourselves on being more than just a plant hire company, offering comprehensive advice and support in all aspects of your project. Whether you're tackling a small home renovation or managing a large-scale construction, we're here to ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently. With a wide range of high-quality machinery at our disposal, including the versatile 13-ton excavator, we're equipped to handle any project challenge. Trust in Henson Plant for all your plant hire needs— we help bring your construction visions to life.

13 Ton Excavator

The 13 Ton Excavator is a mighty machine and is more than just your typical excavator; they are versatile workhorses designed to excel in various scenarios. Whether you find yourself navigating tight and confined spaces, tackling tasks directly on the roadside, or manoeuvring over rough and uneven terrain, our 13-ton Excavator rises to the occasion with ease. It's even up for the challenge of safely ascending steep hills, ensuring your projects move forward smoothly.

First Class Operator Comfort

The first-class operator comfort is a standout feature of the 13-ton excavator, designed to enhance productivity by prioritizing operator pleasure and convenience. This machine boasts a fully adjustable heated air suspension seat to provide comfort during long hours of operation and in varying weather conditions.

The low noise design and minimal vibration levels further mitigate operator fatigue, promoting a more focused and less stressful working environment. The excavator is fitted with a large, widescreen hi-res display monitor, ensuring clear visibility and easy control for precision tasks.

Furthermore, by incorporating various convenience features, we’ve ensured that the machine isn’t just about raw power—it’s also about the smooth, comfortable operation that keeps your project moving forward.

  • Fully Adjustable heated air suspension seat
  • Low noise design
  • Low vibration levels
  • large, widescreen hi-res display monitor
  • Improved operator convenience

Safety as Standard

Safety is one of the top priorities in the 13-ton excavator's design. A key feature is the innovative Safe SpaceCab™, which is ROPS compliant according to ISO 12117-2:2008 standards, providing a secure and protective environment for the operator.

Moreover, the excavator is equipped with a rearview camera, ensuring clear visibility and reducing blind spots, which is essential for manoeuvring in busy construction sites. For easy maintenance and safe access, the design facilitates straightforward entry and exit points.

An optional Falling Object Protection System (FOPS) can be integrated to further enhance safety, offering an added layer of protection against potential hazards on the job site. This commitment to safety ensures that operators can focus on their work with peace of mind, knowing they are well-protected.

  • Safe SpaceCab™ ROPS compliant with ISO 12117-2:2008
  • Rearview camera
  • Optimal job site safety
  • Safe access, easy maintenance
  • Falling Object Protection System (FOPS) optional

Environmentally Friendly

In these times of increased environmental awareness, the 13-ton excavator leads the way with its eco-friendly features. Being powered by an EU Stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 interim engine, it significantly lowers emissions without compromising on performance.

Fuel-saving engines and hydraulic technology work in tandem to reduce consumption and lower the carbon footprint of your project. The adjustable Eco-gauge and idle caution provide real-time feedback to operators, encouraging efficient usage of fuel and reducing unnecessary wastage.

This is more than just an excavator; it's a testament to our commitment to sustainable construction practices.

  • Powerful and environmentally friendly
  • Low consumption EU Stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 interim engine
  • Fuel-saving engine and hydraulic technology
  • Adjustable Eco-gauge and idle caution
  • Reduced wastage


  • Total versatility
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • 6 working modes
  • Wide choice of options
  • Built-in versatility
  • Ultimate operator control

The 13-ton excavator showcases unmatched versatility, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of applications. This machine is designed with six different working modes that can be easily switched between, to optimise performance specific to the task at hand.

Whether you are digging, lifting, or grading, the 13-ton excavator effortlessly adapts its configuration to ensure maximum productivity. The range of available attachments further underscores its versatility, allowing customisation to suit your project requirements.

This 'jack of all trades' machine offers the ultimate operator control, empowering you to tackle various project challenges with a single equipment solution.

6 Working Modes

Operating the 13-ton excavator, users have the power to select from six different work modes depending on their task requirements, that is, Power, Lifting, Breaker, Economy, Attachment Power, and Attachment Economy modes.

These modes are designed to optimize the excavator's performance while ensuring efficient fuel usage. The Economy mode can be customized to achieve the perfect balance between power and economy, depending on the nature of the work.

Additionally, oil flow to the hydraulic attachments can be regulated directly from the class-leading widescreen monitor panel, promising personalized, effective control over the machine's operations. This diverse range of working modes truly makes the 13-ton excavator a master of all trades.

  • Power
  • Lifting
  • Breaker
  • Economy
  • Attachment Power
  • Attachment Economy


In conclusion, the 13-ton excavator is a testament to innovative design and efficiency in the realm of heavy-duty machinery. Combining first-class operator comfort, stringent safety standards, and a serious commitment to environmental responsibility, it truly stands out in its class. Enhanced versatility with six adaptable working modes and a suite of customizable options makes it a one-stop solution, able to meet a diverse range of project demands. The machine not only delivers unrivalled power and performance but also ensures a smooth, comfortable, and safe operating experience. It's not merely an excavator—it's a leap forward in sustainable construction and productivity.

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