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The four things you must consider before hiring your plant


23rd May 2022

Choosing the right plant hire company.

Choosing the right plant hire company for you and your project will make the whole process smoother, reducing the chances that something goes wrong with the plant equipment. You will need to take into consideration many factors before making your decision. In order to ensure the project you are doing is done swiftly and to a satisfactory standard. This can apply to many different scenarios, whether you're looking to hire for commercial purposes, some Garden Maintenance and with or without an operator. Some key areas to consider are:

  • Location 

Location can play a vital role in whether you want to hire the plant from them, in an ideal world the plant hire is a local yard. Being able to have access to both the machinery and operators in a short space of time due to the geographical advantage. This also means if something does go wrong with the equipment, you are close enough to get swift help and your problem resolved.

  • All equipment available 

Does the plant hire company have the machinery that you want to hire? Having to hire from two or more plant hires will complicate things, for example, if you need an excavator and a dumper it would be beneficial to you to hire both from the same company. This also simplifies your logistics, not needing to work with two or more companies when taking delivery, arranging collections and working with operators. This can help your project run smoother and with fewer hiccups.

  • Additional services 

Does the plant hire company offer any additional services other than hiring the machinery itself? For example, at Henson Plant we have delivery and collection service, you can also hire our machinery with a CPCS/CITB accredited operator. This can also apply to delivery, collection and any other extra costs. It's worth knowing all of this before you commit to hiring from a company.

  • Check reviews 

Check reviews and testimonials of the company you are looking to use, this will give you a good indication of whether they are a reputable company and will be able to offer you well-maintained machinery with great customer service. You can usually find reviews on Google or Facebook. If a company doesn't have many positive reviews, it may be worth reconsidering.

There you have it, four tips that will help you hire the right plant from the right people. This will have massive effects on the rest of your project and with fewer headaches. Knowing that you will have quality equipment, delivered on time and with helpful support if something does go wrong can never be underestimated.

Luckily for you, here at Henson Plant, we know all about providing high-quality service and if you would like to enquire about hiring from us, our friendly team are always on hand.

To discuss your Plant needs, then get in touch using our contact form - Click Here.

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