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What are dumpers used for?


16th May 2022

Dumpers are mainly used for transporting materials to and from a construction site. There are many benefits to using a dumper, from the uses to the different sizes you can hire. Continue reading to find out more advantages of this popular machine.

Benefits of a dumper: 

  • A dumper is great for moving many different materials to, from and around a site. You can move a variety of materials such as sand, gravel, rubble, soil, and excavation waste.
  • Being able to move larger quantities quickly, efficiently, and easily at once allows you to save time, money, and manpower, not to mention it is a lot easier on your back!
  • Tracked dumpers are perfect for working in your back gardens or restricted-access sites, they are narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway. 
  • Dumpers can easily travel across uneven, rough, or muddy terrain, making it great for all sites and conditions.
  • You can hire a range of different sizes, so they are perfect for any step in your project whether moving large quantities of demolition waste, backfilling a trench, or removing excavated soil to create a small pond in a garden.
  • They are easy to operate, but we offer hire with or without a CPCS/CITB accredited operators for peace of mind.

What dumpers can I hire from Henson Plant Hire? 

We have a wide range of dumpers you can choose from, whether you want to hire multiple dumpers or just one, we can suit your requirements for your projects. The sizes we have available are:

  • Tracked barrow
  • 1ton skip loader
  • 2ton skip loader
  • 3ton swivel or straight dumper
  • 6ton dumper
  • 9ton dumper

If you would like to enquire about hiring with Henson Plant Hire or to find out more about us, our friendly team are always on hand.

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