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The advantages of hiring a welfare unit


1st August 2022

Welfare units are a great addition as a base for any site, an event, or even as a temporary office. Let’s look at a few benefits of hiring a welfare unit:

  • They ensure workers are comfortable and don’t have to leave the site to find basic facilities such as toilets, drinks, and somewhere to go on their break. This helps boost staff productivity and morale.
  • Your workers won’t have to worry about how to clean up once they finish work, they’ll have hand washing facilities and a drying room so they can be clean and dry.
  • When it comes to break time, you don’t want your workers to have to leave the site to find food, it can be time-wasting and sometimes a little inconvenient. Having a welfare unit provides a space where they can prepare hot meals with the microwave and kettle!
  • During break times, your workers may want to rest whilst they have some time, offering them a comfy, 7-person, table and seating area allows them to have that downtime, food, and a tea or coffee before returning to work.

Welfare Units are towable units that you can hire for short-term or long-term projects. They create a great base for your site workers to use, whether it’s to have a toilet on site, a lunch space with seating for up to 7 site operatives, a drying room, hand washing facilities or to make a tea or coffee at break! Our Welfare Units can be delivered directly to your site, and collected once you have finished the project, a bonus is they are eco-friendly!

Are Welfare Units for construction sites only?

No, most of our Welfare Unit hire is for construction sites and projects, but they are so versatile!

We have had many hired out for events, such as a ticket booth at Dubs in the middle, with a window opening on the side it created a space for the staff to sell tickets whilst having all the facilities they needed in one place!

Our, towable, 7-person, eco-welfare units come with:

  • Diesel-powered generator
  • Toilet and wash facility
  • Microwave and kettle
  • Table and seating area
  • Recirculating chemical toilet
  • Drying room with coat hooks

So, if you have any ongoing, upcoming, or future projects or events, why not consider hiring one of our Eco-Welfare Units? Speak to our friendly team to discuss your needs on 01386 422411, we look forward to hearing from you.

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