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How to dig a pond in your garden with an excavator


15th July 2022

Have you wanted to add a pond to your garden but don’t know where to start? Excavators are perfect for creating a pond in your garden, they allow you to dig the pond space quickly and efficiently without having to endure any manual labour, saving your back!

Below are a few steps to get you started with your excavation:

  1. To start you will want to draw out the pond design you would like to recreate in your garden, make sure you add the size, shape, and where you would like it to be.
  1. Following the design, carefully mark out the space in your garden, you can use marker flags on stakes to help you identify the area when excavating.
  1. You need to make sure you have the right size excavator for the project, too big and the hole won’t be the size you required it to be but too small and the hole will take much longer to dig, plus you may not reach your desired depth.
  1. Hire an excavator. Henson Plant has a wide variety of excavators, with many bucket and attachment options available. Not to worry if you don’t feel comfortable digging the pond yourself as our team are all CPCS/CITB accredited, so you can relax knowing you’re in safe hands.
  1. When you’re doing the digging, you will need to choose a dump site for your dirt, it’s helpful to keep the dirt in one place and make sure it’s out of the way of the hole you are excavating, so you can avoid having to re-dig the ground you’ve just moved. Make sure you leave a pathway for the excavator to be moved in and out of the garden as needed.
  1. It will be easier to dig the pond in layers, starting with the edges and working your way into the middle. If you’re digging a large pond area, make sure to leave plenty of room for yourself to maneuver the excavator out of the deep areas.

These are the 6 steps to excavating your own garden pond, getting the size and depth you require is important to the overall finish of your pond, so as they say ‘measure twice, cut once, or in this case dig. Remember you can always call our friendly team on 01386 422411 to ask which size excavator would best suit your requirements.

Happy digging!


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