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What are mini excavators used for?


13th April 2022

Mini excavators can be used for a wide range of projects from demolition to clearance of debris to landscaping. There are many benefits to using a mini excavator, from the versatility to its lighter weight. Continue reading to find out more advantages of the underrated machine.


Benefits of a mini excavator: 

  • Smaller footprint

The sizes of the mini and micro excavators are much smaller than other larger equipment making it a smart choice for restricted or small areas. Do not be fooled by their smaller sizes because they are still a powerful piece of equipment especially compared to manual labour alone.

  • Speeds up work

Whilst smaller jobs could be done by manual labour and hand tools, using a mini excavator will speed up work in turn saving you time and reducing labour costs.

  • Versatility

No matter the project, mini excavators can be used for a variety of projects and can be equipped with a wide range of attachments. These can include augers, buckets, excavators and many more. Whether used for demolition, construction, or home and garden renovations, the versatility means many jobs can be completed with the same equipment, saving you time and money.

  • Lighter weight

Whether landscaping or working on private property, a mini excavator is much less likely to damage the surface of the work area and soft or loose ground under the equipment. The lighter weight benefits the work area and can help reduce further problems later, whereas larger, heavier machinery is likely to do more harm than good if it’s not a necessity for the project.

Ideal jobs for mini excavators: 

  • Home renovation

Home renovation jobs tend to be in limited access and smaller work areas too big for larger equipment. They are perfect for digging out and installing swimming pools, ponds, and other water features. If you’re wanting to change your patio, the mini excavator can break through concrete and slabs easily and assist in clearing up the space. Jobs can be completed at home with the mini excavator such as ground levelling, transport of materials and creating holes for fence posts.

  • Clearance

Mini excavators can be used for a variety of clearance jobs, whether commercial or residential. They are ideal for clearing collapsed banks, rubble, heavy snowfall and debris from work sites.

  • Landscaping

Mini excavators are great for landscaping, they can access smaller and narrow spaces such as a garden gate or limited spaced site. They can also access crowded forests enabling you to use the auger attachment to create holes if you need to plant more trees for your project. The mini excavator is perfect for your landscaping jobs and can help dig, clear and transport materials around your site area.

  • Demolition

Mini excavators can easily demolish smaller structures such as sheds, garages, and barns. Not only do they reduce the need for multiple tools and manual labour, but they can also easily clear the site afterwards. Where working by hand would be difficult, time-consuming and potentially dangerous but a large excavator is unnecessary, mini excavators do well. 

  • Digging holes and trenches

Excavators are used for digging, but there are many other benefits to using a mini excavator. The slim bucket size is ideal when needing to dig narrow trenches to install drains, cable, and gas mains. They are also perfect for making irrigation or drainage ditches for farm and agriculture works. An auger attachment can be used to create vertical holes for foundations, fence poles and building supports. If you need to access a confined space for example a broken or damaged drain, the mini excavator is an excellent choice.


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