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What are compactors used for?


1st July 2022

Compactors have many uses for commercial projects and residential projects. Whether you are looking for a smaller plate compactor or a larger ride-on roller, Henson Plant has a variety on offer. But first, if you're unfamiliar with compactors. 

What does a compactor do?

A compactor is a machine that compresses and compacts the ground below. This is in preparation for a layer to be laid on top. For example, you would use a compactor on the soil before laying concrete. This creates a solid base foundation and reduces the likeliness of cracks, breaks, and foundation erosion. The main function is to stabilise the foundation of your project.

To find out more about what compactors we have for hire and what they are used for, check out our list below:

  • Plate Compactors 

Plate compactors are easy to operate and control, they are lightweight yet durable for easy transportation. Our 62kg plate compactor is perfect for those areas where a ride-on would not fit. These handy machines are useful for compacting narrow trenches and along foundations, and for pressing soil, sand, pavements, and asphalt. 

  • Pedestrian Roller 

The walk-behind pedestrian roller has been designed for high compaction and performance. The compact size and excellent maneuverability of our 513kg pedestrian roller make it the ideal machine for road repairs, patching, pavements, and projects in various other small spaces.

  • 80 Roller 

80 rollers have a drum width of 80cm making them great for footpaths, road patching, driveways, and the rolling of joints in construction work. Not only is our 80-roller ideal for small to medium sites, but they also offer excellent all-around visibility for the operator.

  • 120 Roller 

120 rollers have a drum width of 120cm, and with a larger width, these are perfect for large areas that need compaction. Our 120 rollers are good for rolling tarmac on roads and recreation areas, compacting hardcore and soil, and, rolling playing fields and pitches.

The Compactor is one of the most critical parts of any construction build. Increasing the stability of your surface and reducing the chance of anything disturbing the ground such as tree roots. It can be the difference between having a perfectly laid surface or having problems down the line.

With our wide range of compactors, you are sure to find the right one for your project, however, if you are unsure of what you may need or want to enquire about hiring one, then you can contact our friendly team on 01386 422411. All of our compactors can be hired with one of our CPCS/CITB accredited operators, giving you peace of mind.

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