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27th January 2022

The Problem

Geotechnics are one of the largest independent site investigation companies in the U.K. Working in conjunction with Laing O'Rourke and The National Grid, they listed Henson Plant to help provide vital personnel and equipment to complete work on a gas pipeline. Working on a gas pipeline requires specialist knowledge as to not cause damage; which could pose a health risk to all who work on the site. 

Our Solution

When dealing with any pipeline that could become damaged, we take an extremely cautious approach to ensure everyone on site is safe. After assessing the situation and consulting with a training records we supplied a 13ton Machine with an operator who has a gas passort. This was to ensure everything was done safely and also in line with Health and Safety when working around gas. We also fitted our machine with rubber pads to the tracks; this was to ensure we caused minimum disturbance to the tarmac roads we would be working around. 

The Outcome

The most important part of this project was ensuring we had thorough planning in place to cover all aspects. We worked closely with Geotechnics and their third parties to gather information about the project and their specific requirements. We drew on our experience to make sure we delivered what was required safely and within the set time frame. 


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