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The Dogs Trust Evesham


27th January 2022

The Problem

The Dog's Trust is the UK's largest dog welfare charity and cares for over 15,000 dogs each year throughout there re-homing network. So when we found out they were looking to build a brand new facility in Wickhamford we knew we would be able to provide our experience and expertise.

Our Solution

In partnership with McPhillips Civil Engineering we helped build a brand new facility for the Dog's trust to continue with the fantastic work they do within the community. We provided our JCB3CX's and 13Ton tracked 360 excavators; all with our CPCS operators to make sure the project was completed at a high standard. This project took over a year to complete, with many complex and difficult challenges to overcome. We even did some re-homing of our own, making sure the local endangered newts found a new home. 

The Outcome

After over a year of the project and the dedicated work from us and McPhillips Civil Engineering we were able to unveil the brand new Dog's Trust Facility. The Dog's trust bring so much value to our local community. Ensuring a safe place for dogs, free from threat and a full bowl and warm place to sleep at night. They can now offer dogs in their care the highest standards of welfare, from a brand new veterinary facility, enriched play area and comfortable sleeping areas as well as the conservation of wildlife who have Evesham their home. The Dog's Trust provide invaluable service to our community and we are so proud we were able to part of this project.


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