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Henson Reservoir


27th January 2022

The Problem

We were approached by a local client who had a requirement for a reservoir to hold large quantities of water on their nursery. We knew that creating a reservoir is a much more complex job than simply digging a large area to store the water. There are many factors to consider, such as how to deal with the spoil and how you are going to line the area. We knew we had the knowledge and experience to take on this job.

Our Solution

Our client had stated a need for this job to be completed by a set time date. Meaning that there was little room for error and our planning needed to be perfect. We deployed our 13 Ton Excavator as well as fleet of dumpers to maximise our time. 

The Outcome

From the very first excavator dig to the last dumper load the project was delivered on time. Our equipment and experienced operators worked tirelessly to complete the project on time. Despite dealing with difficult weather conditions we managed to deliver the project thousands of pounds below budget. Our client was extremely happy with another completed project by Henson Plant Hire.


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